ITL s.r.l

Our services

On the demand of the lighting requirements of our customers, ITL can realize PCB masers and PCB manufacture.

The design department of ITL can develop custom master of PCB on specification of customers.

Thanks to the relationship with ITL’s partners, we can support customers in the production of printed circuit.


We have developed a management program which is able to process customer’s forecast data by month, calculate the trends to ensure through the calculated buffer stock, the unexpected order peaks.

Through the trend control we can plan the purchases and restore the stock of material needed to make possible the service offered for our customers

ITL can develop, using the latest technology, the 3D model for prototyping , to verify the design and the mechanical properties of the products with
FormLabs2 3D printer.

We conduct optical studies on request by ensuring uniformity of illuminance that is required in all points of the surface.

The polar diagram show the photometrics for a typical vertical cooler, the purpose is to simulate the lighting results obtained by placing our profiles. Our customers can understand exacly the lighting result within the refrigerator . 

At the simulation above it can be seen the lighting intensity(LUX) and its distribution from each point of the innersurface of the refrigerator generated by the lighting simulation software which we obtain from the polar diagram above.