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Who is Lextar?

Lextar Electronics Corporation is a global leader in LED solutions with a strategic advantage of integrating upper streamepitaxial, middle stream chip, downstream package and various applications. Founded in May 2008, has more then 4100 Employees, paid-up Capital NTD 5.1 Billion, is listed company on Taipey, with over 1500 patents worldwide, Lextar is an innovator of product applications for LED lighting products, LED Chip, LED Package for Backlight and Lighting, LED Lighting product, LED Light Module and Solution. Lextar is a subsidiaryof AU Optronics, the leading
TFT-LCD and solar PV manufacturer. With over 2,000 patents worldwide, Lextar is aninnovator of product applications, which include: Automotive LED, LCD backlights, luminaire, and various lighting solutions. Lextar currently has 2 manufacturing plants in Taiwan, and 3 in China. Lextar revenue reached US$427 million in 2016.

Who is Nichia?

Nichia has “Ever Researching for a Brighter World” as their motto, Nichia has grown in the field of development, manufacturing and sales of fine chemicals, particularly inorganic luminescent materials (phosphors). Founded in
December 1956, has 8,600 employees, are paid up capital JP ¥52,026,441,000. Nichia’s main products consist of Light Emitting Diodes, Laser Diodes, Optical Semiconductor Devices, Phosphors, Fine Chemicals ( Electronics Materials, Pharmaceutical Materials,Food Additives), Evaporation Materials, Battery Materials and Magnetic Materials. Nichia has been recognized as an accredited laboraty for IES LM-80 tests. In the process of the challenging pursuit of brighter luminescent and light-emitting materials, Nichia succeeded in developing and commercializing the super high brightness Blue LED in 1993, which greatly impressed the world. Since the first introduction of the Blue LED in 1993, Nichia succeeded in developing the world’s first white LED by combining yellow phosphor and blue LED, followed by the successful development of practical level of blue-violet semiconductor laser for the first time in the world. The invention of these Nitride-based LED and laser diodes causes the technological innovation of light source in the field of display, general lighting, automotive, industrial equipment, and medical care & measurement.